#BlackNFTMonth becomes #BlackArtMonth

1 min readFeb 4, 2024

Since 2021, I’ve been celebrating February’s Black History Month with my own tribute to Black artists — #BlackNFTMonth. (apols. for linking Twitter/X here, but that’s the legacy destination)

Here’s my recap from 2021, when I first started: https://kaigani.medium.com/blacknftmonth-f000292df140

As implied in ‘NFT’ part of the tag, I’ve focused on crypto-artists, and I’ve been passionate about and involved with the NFT space since 2017, culminating in my 2+ year running project, mxtter.art

However, my recent focus (as demonstrated in my journal The Tao of Computer Science) has led me to look more broadly at the intersection of technology, culture and spirituality.

With that in mind, I want to look more broadly at art & culture and highlight Black artists this month regardless of their involvement in the crypto/NFT space.

Hence, I’ll be tagging this endeavor: #BlackArtMonth

Sidenote: I’ll also be focusing on Instagram and other channels outside of Twitter/X, as I’ve not been a fan of the new ‘X’ incarnation of that service.