A recap of the 18 crypto artists featured in February 2021

5 min readMar 4, 2021
18 artists featured for #BlackNFTMonth


I’ve been into tokenized digital experiences since 2015, and NFTs with the launch of CryptoKitties which opened my eyes to the potential of using the blockchain for digital collectibles.

Recently the market has been exploding, NBA Top Shot has been bringing a lot of attention to the space, as well as recent gains in the cryptocurrency market leading people looking for things to spend their crypto on.

I’ve been advising NFT42, and I’m close to a lot of “CryptoKitties OG’s” who have moved on from Kitties to build large portfolios of NFTs and are influencers in the space. I’ve had some success with my own projects — largely because I’ve learned a lot from this great group of folks, and I consider them my friends, even though I only know some of them by their Discord names.

Outside of this virtual crypto world, I’m aware of the lack of diversity in technology, product and design, so I’m always looking to mentor Black / BiPOC designers & technologists because I didn’t have very much mentorship in my early career from people who looked like me.

In thinking about Black History Month, I wanted to do something to bring these two worlds together, so I launched the #BlackNFTMonth hashtag.

Each day I featured a new artist and a piece of their work which I added to my collection.

Here is a recap of the artists I found …

#BlackNFTMonth 2021 — The 18 Featured Artists

HÜMBAN TOTEM 011 by iArtSometimes

Sean Williams / iArtSometimes

Loving the graffiti influences, reminds me a little bit of Kaws, maybe a touch of Murakami — but he’s definitely got his own flavor. This is from a series called HÜMBAN TOTEM .

Stare by Paola

Paola Castillo / Les Dore

A minimalist, flat color, mixed-media photographic piece.

Root Energy by UrBen

Ben Harriott / UrBen

An eye for abstract, organic, photographic detail. Sometimes otherworldly.

Cadet by Jah.

Jahmelr / ArtByJah

In his words: “I use my influences of Sci-Fi, Graphic Novels, Anime, and Hip Hop to create pieces that transports my audience into my colorful abstract universe.”

You Make Me Smile by Voke

Voke / VeeArt7

Richly textured and colorful pieces can be found throughout the work of this long-time cryptoartist.

She has both high-end and entry-level works on offer.

“OOTD” by Maxwell Step

Maxwell Step / maxwell_step

Talented pixel artist — I hope to see more of the work found in his Twitter feed get tokenized!

Portrait №6 by Spongenuity

Samer Dabra / Spongenuity

“Algorithmically Generated Portraits” — a style close to my heart!

#73 Nexus of Faith by Sirsu.

Ameer Suhayb Carter / sirsu

A unique blend of avant-garde poster art, illustration and heavy design influences.

Smoking Gun by AKaiMorton

Kai / AKaiMorton

Her bright, slick, surrealist/anime style hints at a demonic backstory taking shape.

Crazy by Vakseen

Otha Davis III / Vakseen

Portrait of comedy legend Richard Pryor, from the Pop Pop Icons series, “Drawing inspiration from comedy, chromesthesia, and our fascination with popular culture”


Frog Altar by Leeaux

Leeaux / iamleeaux

“DOODLE 004. this is an original no pencil hand drawn illustration. drawn while awkwardly hanging out with some people early 2020.”

Queen of Spades (Collectible Card) by AiLi

AiLi / artbyaili

Good to see an artist with her own collectibles. These playing cards will culminate in a print edition for holders of the entire set.

Fall From Grace by Shinji Akhirah

Shinji Akhirah / shinji_akhirah

“Cast out from the firewalled gates of serenity and serendipity, we found ourselves falling, fleeting and floating among the debris and the hubris.”

Sewing and Alterations by Ix shells

Ix shells / ix_shells

A prolific generative artist– she’s only tokenized a few pieces so I hope to see more to follow.

Sound design by Nonespoken

Blond by benabstract

Sbusiso Ben Makgetlane / benabstract

From a series of album covers by this South African illustrator.

Big Help by Extrastu1

Emmanuel Okoye / extrastu1

Classic storybook print aesthetic that portrays a surreal & magical world.


The Badu effect by Latashá

Latashá / CallMeLatasha

“Part II of the Synesthesia Collection, ‘The Badu effect’ is commentary on the connection Erykah Badu has made on the most prolific rappers in the culture.”

Rhythm Skate (iOS) by Whoopi

Ashten ‘Whoopi’ Winger / whoopthis

The first iOS mobile game minted as an NFT.

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