Part 3 of the Dissect the Dissected Event

Gold Tickets promotion ends 9 August 2021, 00:00 UTC

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How To Claim Gold Tickets

1. Daily coin rewards

Use the /daily or !daily command to claim your daily coin rewards — these are randomly dropped amounts, but they increase if you go without missing a day.

27 July 2021 — Mini-Update


We’ve just completed our Blue Ticket airdrop, and I was out last week, so here’s a mini-update on community growth!

Community Growth

Be a part of building the Metaverse! Sign up to join the community.

17 July 2021 — Welcome Founders!

Welcome Founders

Since the start of July, we’ve onboarded 143/200 Founders so far! We’re no longer actively recruiting new Founders, but we will continue to fill the open slots via Founder nominations. We’re aiming to reach capacity at 180 Founders and we’ll retain 20 open memberships for future initiatives — such as our social charter:

Continuing to improve representation of underrepresented communities, women, BIPoC, LBGTQ+ in the NFT collectibles space, making sure the metaverse reflects the diversity represented by Larva Labs in their thoughtful design of Meebits and their traits.

Keep an eye out for our Meebits Like Me initiative!

Part 2 of the Dissect the Dissected Event

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a Blue Ticket?

Q: Why am I being asked for my Twitter username & password?

This is from the Twitter site, not KryptoSign. If you are logged into Twitter with the same web browser as when you open KryptoSign you won’t see this. If you are concerned, login to Twitter separately and return to the KryptoSign page.

Q: Do I need to own a Meebit to participate?


Part 1 of the Dissect the Dissected Event

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who got a ticket in the airdrop?

Everyone who was holding a Meebit in their wallet at the time of the snapshot received 1 Ticket.

Q: When was the snapshot taken?

The snapshot was taken on 28 June 2021 [Block: 12724104], before the announcement was made.

Q: Where can I find my ticket?

You should be able to see your ticket on OpenSea in your collection.

Q: When will the winners be announced?

The date of the live event has not yet been posted. Follow this blog, or MeebitsDAO on Twitter for more information.

Q: Where can I get the Blue or Gold tickets?

Read the Blue Ticket FAQ and the Gold Ticket FAQ.

Any other questions?

Ask us on Twitter: MeebitsDAO and we’ll update this…

10 July 2021 — Welcome Larva Labs, Airdrop and Photo Booth

Welcome Larva Labs!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been in touch with Matt and John from Larva Labs — the creators of Meebits, and they’ve agreed to be advisors to MeebitsDAO. They expressed their continued commitment to develop the Meebits ecosystem, and we’re excited to help them in that mission!

3 July 2021 — Mini-Update

The REAL update this week was posted in our big announcement about the Dissect the Dissected Giveaway

Community Growth

Even with the announcement — we want to keep tracking our weekly stats:

Airdrop, Ticket rewards and Live Random Draw Event

The 6th Rarest Meebit has been divided into 1M shards!

About Meebit #10761

Earlier this year, Divergence Ventures acquired the 6th rarest Meebit Dissected #10761 for 700 ETH.

26 June 2021

Roadmap Revisited

When we first launched in May 2021, we posted a MeebitsDAO Roadmap — and as you can see from the diagram above, we’re tracking!

Current & Upcoming Community Events

We also have a number of community events, competitions and drops planned (more than we’re announcing today). Keep an out for the following competitions and badges:

Community Badges

19 June 2021

137’s Meebits collection from a photoshoot by LAIKA

Latest Announcements

The #Meelebrity Showdown Competition

We’re excited to start the #Meelebrity Showdown competition. Each week we’ll be announcing a new theme for the community to find the best celebrity lookalikes, and then we’ll have a tournament-style voting competition to find the best-in-class #Meelebrity.


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