Part 4 — Developer Funding & Application Process

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Building the Metaverse, bit by bit…

We’re here because we want to build cool stuff. We want to have our Meebits running around in games, VR chatrooms, AR live events and applications we haven’t even imagined yet —

5 years from now we still want to be using our Meebits as avatars in the open, interoperable Metaverse!

…but there’s a lot of hard work that needs to be done.

Part 3 — A proposal for tokenized governance

We the Meebits…

In order to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization we’re going to need a voting structure that is completely automated via smart contracts. Smart contracts are only as ‘smart’ as the thinking that goes into them, so we want to spend some time discussing a proposal for that system, given that will be at the heart of how the DAO makes decisions post-launch.

Also, even though we need to thoroughly define the technical infrastructure, and the automation, let’s not forget:

A DAO is made of People

We need a…

Behind-the-scenes on the collaboration

I’ve been involved with the CryptoGeisha team since I first noticed the project and reached out to the duo to see if I could offer some advice. I’ve also wanted to collaborate with them as an artist, so when my friend Martin beat me to it with a Savage Dogs collaboration, I cleared out my schedule to finally do a collaboration drop!

Having seen some of my work for my generative art and my previous collaborations, the team asked me to share my process, so I documented the process, which I’ve dubbed Bitwise which includes the use of my 4,096…

Part 2 — Work-in-progress towards a charter

Finding balance

The TAO of a DAO

Restating our common goal–

We want to create a vehicle for funding a series of innovative projects that will develop the ecosystem around Meebits.

We can do this by balancing the collective goals of the members of the DAO as fairly as possible, making sure everyone’s voice is heard– and at the same time making sure that there is momentum around decision-making and clear accountability around the milestones and delivery of our projects.

Let’s look at some of the goals and interests we think we’ll need to balance:

  • Large investors who want to have…

Part 1 — Shaping the Future of the Meebits Ecosystem

Why do we need a DAO for Meebits?

Like many NFT collectors, we were excited when Larva Labs announced Meebits — and the vision of a future where we can use these avatars in virtual worlds and games — the Metaverse we’re all eagerly anticipating.

But how do we get from character models to the Metaverse?

There are a lot of steps in-between. A lot of development that needs to be done before we’re all running around like Ready Player One.

We’re builders.

We don’t want to wait for the Metaverse to just happen eventually, maybe — we want to shape it by building small interconnected pieces of…

And the new Bisousbits collaboration with Altjames

I’ve been having a digital identity crisis — something that happens every 10 years or so, as my online artifacts struggle to keep up with my personal & professional activities.

Very little of what I post online is related to my day job, and that’s by design.

My personal activities span from being an advisor to various NFT projects, mentor to digital artists, and a digital artist myself — working on a variety of collaborations with my favorite artists.

On that last point, I’ve tried to do some personal branding:

Why let a perfectly good random seed go to waste?

I was happily surprised by how well my Art Blocks project 27-Bit Digital was received by the community. Once launched, all 1024 pieces sold out within 20 minutes.

I’ve continued experimenting with the retro style I love. I wanted to see if I could do gradients of the 4-color patterns.

Then I extended the elements of the 7-segment glyph and created a random walk of segments that find their way on and off of the canvas.

However, I wanted to do a project with a different modality to how people discover and choose generative art pieces. A project where the…

A recap of the 18 crypto artists featured in February 2021

18 artists featured for #BlackNFTMonth


I’ve been into tokenized digital experiences since 2015, and NFTs with the launch of CryptoKitties which opened my eyes to the potential of using the blockchain for digital collectibles.

Recently the market has been exploding, NBA Top Shot has been bringing a lot of attention to the space, as well as recent gains in the cryptocurrency market leading people looking for things to spend their crypto on.

I’ve been advising NFT42, and I’m close to a lot of “CryptoKitties OG’s” who have moved on from Kitties to build large portfolios of NFTs and are influencers in the space. I’ve had…

Redeem a Pixel Glass for a glass print of 27-Bit Digital

I’ve just launched a new generative art project on Art Blocks, Pixel Glass — it’s an art piece and collectible in its own right, but I also wanted to continue to let people who missed out on the previous giveaway of glass prints for 27-Bit Digital to have an opportunity to get some.

  1. Mint or buy a Pixel Glass token
  2. Own or buy a 27-Bit Digital token
  3. Send your Pixel Glass token to me at: kaigani.eth (via OpenSea)
  4. Fill out your shipping details in this form
  5. Ping me on Discord, kai#1369 to let me know and I’ll handle the shipment…

Glass prints for early supporters (ends 31-March 2021)

The first glass print of 27-Digital from the test run.

Tokenization and linking the physical-to-digital has been an obsession of mine since 2015. Before NFTs, I was into NFCs (embedded chips) — working at MOO to launch physical products (printed electronics) linked to a digital platform.


Experience Design at Netflix • Follow @kaigani

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