19 June 2021

137’s Meebits collection from a photoshoot by LAIKA

Latest Announcements

The #Meelebrity Showdown Competition

12 June 2021

Our new logo — by Leishasan of CryptoGeisha

Community Growth

  • Automated Discord email invites from our website MeebitsDAO.world
  • A bot to assign user roles depending on how many Meebits owned

5 June 2021: There’s so much happening right now!

Titles by Kerimbonia, our 3D Evangelist

Our Website is Live

Download your 3D T-Pose Solid models for developer experiments

Part 5 — Call for open community roles

We’re getting ready!

Getting Organized — The ‘O’ in DAO

Current organization:

  • Bootstrap Team — The steering group currently spending time and…

Part 4 — Developer Funding & Application Process

Courtesy Elsewhat#1765

Building the Metaverse, bit by bit…

5 years from now we still want to be using our Meebits as avatars in the open, interoperable Metaverse!

Part 3 — A proposal for tokenized governance

We the Meebits…

A DAO is made of People

Behind-the-scenes on the collaboration

About the collaboration

Bitwise — The Process, d.Hexabit — The Patterns

Part 2 — Work-in-progress towards a charter

Finding balance

The TAO of a DAO

We want to create a vehicle for funding a series of innovative projects that will develop the ecosystem around Meebits.

  • Large investors who want to have…

Part 1 — Shaping the Future of the Meebits Ecosystem

Why do we need a DAO for Meebits?

But how do we get from character models to the Metaverse?

We’re builders.


Experience Design at Netflix • Follow @kaigani

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