Why would I leave Netflix to sell jpegs on the Internet?

Why would I leave Netflix to sell jpegs on the Internet?

I’m sure that’s what some people might find themselves asking, given how much I’ve enjoyed my role there over the years. Aside from being colleagues with some of the best minds in media & entertainment, some highlights include:

  • Working with David Fincher, Tim Miller and Neil Kellerhouse on a special feature for Love, Death & Robots
  • Helping to change the perception of Netflix Films through a special promotion celebrating Alfonso Cuarón’s masterpiece, ROMA
  • Creating a special feature as a retrospective of the work of Martin Scorsese, including a roundtable discussion with the legends of film: Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci — in celebration of Scorsese bringing his film, The Irishman, to Netflix
  • Working on the Netflix Games Platform
  • Dedicating the past 3 years thinking about the future content experience on Netflix, with a focus on how to highlight and promote their emerging franchise IP

So what’s this about selling jpegs on the internet?

I’ve co-founded a company called BLOCK::BLOCK along with Bart Decrem and Mark Mayo– and currently our ‘products’ are NFTs. Digital tokens and collectibles, which some people jokingly refer to as ‘jpegs’ — as the surface artifact of what actually represents a new form of digital ownership enabled by the blockchain.

Our vision for BLOCK::BLOCK, which I’ve helped inform given my background, is —

To Build Franchise IP for the Metaverse

We’ve only just started and we’ve already posted a couple of success stories:

  • In May, we launched MeebitsDAO — as an example of the type of communities we want to build, communities that supercharge the franchises we hope to build. Within a couple of weeks of opening our membership, we raised over $500k for the treasury.
  • Last week, we launched Savage Droids, a project in collaboration with the super talented Martin Bekerman. The project sold out in 30 mins from the launch of the public sale, to the tune of $2.6M.

Given the current opportunity in this space, it seemed too good for me not to take the leap and join as a co-founder and equal partner in BLOCK::BLOCK.



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