S-Rank Bounty Hunter Update: Badge 002

Upcoming Beta Release


Since the Badge 001: Lass in Space was released, we’ve recruited 12 S-Rank Bounty Hunters, showing their support of the Bounty Hunter Tool– and in return getting access to the S-Rank Discord role where they have been testing out the beta releases and suggesting new features.

Also, membership has its benefits, as we held a prize giveaway of an original Lass in Space Avastar, won by Paul#6475.

New Beta Features

The upcoming beta release (v.0.3.4) will include:

  • Ability to limit a search to up to a maximum overall rarity — so if you want to find a Legendary Hair Color but only if the Avastar is Common.
  • Toggle search filters on/off — so you don’t have to delete them to switch them off.
  • Improved tool navigation between views.
  • Show statistics on how many Avastars scanned.
  • Visual design clean-up.
  • Minimize the tool panel– as requested by Dr. O
  • New filter by high score– so you can edit the default high score of 80 to be anything.
  • New filter by rarity count– so you can search for Avastars with 2x Legendary or 8x Rare traits.
  • ‘Show your support’ becomes ‘Thank you’ for S-Rank badge holders.
  • Bug fix: Alert links not showing — found by C.Pyrc
  • Maximum overall rarity limit added to the rarity count filter– as requested by Punkofthemonth
  • Bug fix: Tool now waits for the site to fully load (previously failed), and clicking the bookmarklet multiple times will not break the tool.

New Badge Release

Of course all this is made possible with the support from the S-Rank Badges. So, as promised, before the next Beta release we’ll have another Badge Drop.

Badge 002: Jolly Roger

  • Commemorating the second bounty, from 12 June 2020.
  • 9 Limited Edition badges will posted for sale
  • 4 Special Edition (animated) badges will follow
  • Keep an eye on the Discord channel #player-bounties for details on when listings go up.

All badge owners get an S-Rank role in the Discord and access to the private channel.

There will also be a special commissioned 1 of 1 NFT to be awarded to one of the Badge 002 holders — more details to come.

Show your support & Join S-Rank!



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