Crypto Puzzle: Hiding 1 ETH in plain sight

Let’s make crypto fun again!

But before that, I thought I’d do something fun… I’m hiding 1 ETH in plain sight for the first person to figure out how to claim it

How the puzzle works

There are 3 keys to solving this puzzle. You don’t have to mint, buy or own anything to solve it — it’s purely a matter of putting together the clues. I’d have the utmost respect for people who attempt this using their own skills, but I don’t want to make it a coding problem, so you might need to find the right online tool.

There it is, waiting for someone to take it

What you’ll need to think about

This puzzle is about me and my projects, so you might want to do a little digging on what makes my projects special. There’s a consistent thread to the projects I’ve done. You might say they share a certain DNA.

First key

Second key

Third key

Additional clues

  • I often try to relate things back to my birth year
  • One of my favorite artists is Elliott Smith

What’s the point of all this?

There’s no premint allowlist. There’s no Discord. There’s no 10k PFP to mint. No gas required. There is no point, and that’s the point. Let’s stop taking the crypto space so seriously and get back to experimenting and having fun!

However — if you do figure it out and claim the 1 ETH, give me a shout on Twitter @kaigani



#Web3 #Film3 #Media3: @mxtterart • Created @MeebitsDAO • EP @newherexyz • Cracked @CryptoKitties ,2017 • Prev. Netflix, Sony • Follow @kaigani

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#Web3 #Film3 #Media3: @mxtterart • Created @MeebitsDAO • EP @newherexyz • Cracked @CryptoKitties ,2017 • Prev. Netflix, Sony • Follow @kaigani