Big News: I’m joining DPOP Studios

3 min readJul 15, 2022


From DPop Studios upcoming NFT documentary feature film — I’m New Here

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be joining Dan Sickles and the DPOP Studios team as a Partner.

The time I’ve spent as co-founder of a blockchain lab has been incredibly rewarding as we incubated and launched a number of great projects, starting with my creating MeebitsDAO, through to the launch of projects including Savage Droids, Boss Beauties (v1 launch), Lobby3, Super Geisha and mxtter. It marked my transition from an artist, collector and advisor in the space to bringing my 25+ years of product experience to making sure we tried to push the web3 space forward through innovation in everything we do.

However, the 5 years I previously spent at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Netflix has given me a focus on Media & Entertainment, and I’ve developed an ambition to bring the industry up-to-date with the new capabilities afforded to us through Web3 — to forge ahead with a new emerging industry, #Media3.

Dan & I first met over our shared desire to chronicle the people behind the events as they were unfolding in the NFT/Web3 space through a documentary film. With my having been in the space since 2017, I had insight into the many stories which could be told, and while Dan was newer to the space, he had dived in with such enthusiasm that he too was obsessed with telling these stories — and importantly, as an award-winning filmmaker, Dan had the background to bring such a film to life. After our ‘meeting of the minds,’ I joined as Executive Producer of his film in development, I’m New Here, and started working with the production team that would eventually form DPop Studios.

We began to explore these concepts, I’ve dubbed collectively as Media3, as we looked for Web3 native ways of funding the film and allowing the NFT community, whose stories we’d be telling, to actively participate in the journey of filmmaking with us.

Having developed a taste for where we can go with the future of Media3 — I wanted to pursue it fully, and so joining DPOP Studios was a natural progression for me.

What about my existing projects

Rest assured, very little will change for the projects I’ve been actively involved in. I’m heavily involved in the next steps & roadmap for Super Geisha (more news on this very soon!), and I’m excited that I will now have the means for us to pursue animation projects more fully through DPop Studios.

I also continue to drive mxtter, taking on the principal role. We’re steadily building a team of artists, curators, advisors and mentors with the focus on supporting up & coming artists to explore generative, experimental art on the blockchain through 2-person collaborative projects. Given the market downturn, we’re especially dedicated in our mission to granting new artists the funding they need to be able to pursue a career as artists. We’ll be announcing the details of Season 1: Artist Summer shortly, and the website will relaunch with an updated design by this season’s creative director. Watch for exciting news on who we’ll be collaborating with.

Thanks for joining me on the Web3 journey last year, and I hope you’ll continue my progress in #Media3 this year and beyond!

Here’s a recent episode of Overpriced JPEGs where I talk to my friend Carly about what’s coming up next:




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