Avastars: A Practical Guide to UB Scores

So if you spend much time in the Avastars Discord channel you’re likely to see people check the stats of the recent Avastars they found using the $ava bot command.

One of those stats includes the UB Score or Unique-By Score a classification I helped the team define when I was analyzing the rarity of various Avastars.

So that article goes into a lot of detail about how to find the UB Score, but I thought it would be good to write a practical guide to finding & understanding the UB Score.

Use the AvastarBot to look up a UB2 or UB3 score. For instance, given the example at the top, you could type $ava 8807 in the Discord and see that listing.

Unique-By-3 combos : 5— means that there are 5 different combinations of 3 traits that make this Avastar unique.

Let’s dig a little deeper and look at the details page for Avastar #8807

To really understand what is going on we need to find this Avastar on OpenSea so we can compare it to all of the others.

Avastar #8807 listing on OpenSea

If we choose one of the traits with a low % in common with other Avastars, like Queen’s Crown we can see a gallery of all of those Avastars sharing that trait.

Gallery of 267 Avastars with Queen’s Crown

Let’s pick another one traits from #8807 to filter the list down further, such as Prune eyes.

Now we’ve got a smaller list, but there are still a lot of Avastars with both a Queen’s Crown and Prune eyes.

Let’s filter again by a 3rd trait.

Now we can see that there are 3 traits that only belong to Avastar #8807: Queen’s Crown, Prune eyes, Golden Blonde hair color.

So those 3 traits are 1 combination that is Unique-By 3.

Equally there are 4 other combinations that are Unique-By 3, so in total there is a UB3 score of 5.

If we could have found any way in which there were only 2 traits unique to this Avastar, it would also have a Unique-By 2 or UB2 score. But those are even harder to find.

By design, UB Scores don’t reference backgrounds– although it would be interesting to also catalog unique backgrounds. The concept is that the score shows what is unique about the Avastar itself, excluding the backgrounds — otherwise you’d have visual twins that could still be considered unique.

UB scores are dynamic. If someone mints another Avastar with Queen’s Crown, Prune eyes and Golden Blonde hair color, Avastar #8807’s UB3 score will drop from 5 to 4.

Part of the game and strategy around hunting for Avastars with good UB scores is figuring out which traits will no longer be available at the end of the series and trying to make sure you can secure those for your Avastars without someone else also claiming them.

Have fun!



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#Web3 #Film3 #Media3: @mxtterart • Created @MeebitsDAO • EP @newherexyz • Cracked @CryptoKitties ,2017 • Prev. Netflix, Sony • Follow @kaigani