Avastar Bounty Hunting for Fun & Profit

Limited Edition: Bounty Hunter Badges

If you’ve enjoyed using the Avastars Bounty Hunter, please consider showing your support for its continued development via these commemorative Bounty Hunter Badges on auction starting 11 Oct 2020 and ending 18 Oct 2020.

I’ve been an advisor on Avastars since before it launched, and an avid collector ever since.

In my free time I’ve been playing around with data analysis to help devise the UB Ranking score, and I’ve put together a few fun little open web ‘toys’ along the way:

  • Random Avastar Genderator — Visualizes Avastars without gendering their traits.
  • Avastar Bounty Designer — A tool to help design the bounties for the community bounty hunts, and an indication of the odds in finding those bounties to gauge the difficulty.

But the most robust (and hopefully helpful) tool I ended up putting together has been:

  • Avastars Bounty Hunter — A tool that started off as something I was running in my browser console to help me scan through the list of Avastars I was scrolling through, soon became a proof-of-concept for a feature that the team might develop as part of the website.

I hadn’t intended for the Bounty Hunter to be used beyond a handful of people– and I never even polished the UI. I posted it as open source for anyone to pick up and make a better version, maybe even a browser add-on, and included a ‘use as-is’ disclaimer, knowing I wouldn’t have time to help people with support.

However, bounties play a vital role in the Avastars experience — and it keeps the community buzzing. Since the bounties began on 12 June 2020, there have been 14 official bounties announced via Twitter and the Discord channel.

A recent Halloween-themed bounty– the Hallowitch

Recently, Avastars added the feature allowing people to add their amazing finds to a global feed, where they can be discovered and purchased for a finder’s fee.

This really ramped up how people were searching for bounties using my tool. You can use it to search for official bounties, bounties that other players have posted, or just setting filters for exciting combos to post to the global feed in the hopes of snagging a finder’s fee.

I recently posted an Avastar with a high score of 80 to the global feed and picked up 0.48 ETH for my bounty hunting.

Now available as S-RANK BOUNTY HUNTER BADGES on OpenSea

There’s a backlog of stuff I’d like to include in the Bounty Hunter Tool, including a host of features like filtering by score, or filtering by how many traits of a given rarity are found– which are already in the tool, but I haven’t put in the UI yet.

But I’ve got a busy work schedule, and lots of ideas for side-projects, so I had an idea to help me gauge whether there is interest in continued development of the tool– Bounty Hunter Badges.

Starting with the first Bounty, Lass in Space, I’ll issue badges to commemorate previous bounties, and if they sell, I’ll consider that a show of support for the next release of the tool. So it goes — badge, update, badge, update and so on.

Any questions or comments, find me on the Discord channelKai #1369.



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#Web3 #Film3 #Media3: @mxtterart • Created @MeebitsDAO • EP @newherexyz • Cracked @CryptoKitties ,2017 • Prev. Netflix, Sony • Follow @kaigani