tl;dr — I’ve joined BLOCK::BLOCK as a co-founder

Why would I leave Netflix to sell jpegs on the Internet?

  • Working with David Fincher, Tim Miller and Neil Kellerhouse on a special feature for Love, Death & Robots
  • Helping to change the perception of Netflix Films through a special promotion celebrating Alfonso Cuarón’s masterpiece, ROMA
  • Creating a special feature as a retrospective of the work of Martin Scorsese, including a roundtable…

For the Dissect the Dissected Giveaway


  • The outcome could not be known or manipulated by the person designing the algorithm to choose the prize winners
  • The algorithm had to be defined before a future event that would determine the outcome, and it could not be manipulated at any point in the future


1. Choosing a future event

From the Dissect the Dissected Event on 2 Sep 2021

Red Ticket Winners

Blue Ticket Winners

02 Sep 2021 — Dissect the Dissected


Decentraland, 2pm PT / 5pm ET

Main event– Metaverse Multi Stream

Live Stream to Cryptovoxels

Somnium Space

DJ Afterparty, 3pm PT / 6pm ET

Somnium Space

YouTube Stream


  • MMV 04 — Dissected Music Video Premiere
  • Red Winners
  • Blue Winners
  • Gold Winners
  • Join us in Somnium Space!

10 August 2021 — MeebitsDAO World comes to The Sandbox, and meet more of our amazing Founders!

MeebitsDAO World comes to The Sandbox

02 August 2021 — The #DAOWakening & Meet the Founders!

Have you tried yet?

Gold Ticket Promotion

Part 3 of the Dissect the Dissected Event

Gold Tickets promotion ends 9 August 2021, 00:00 UTC

Start Here

How To Claim Gold Tickets

1. Daily coin rewards

27 July 2021 — Mini-Update


Community Growth

  • Discord — 802 members, +25 this week (we just launched a new waiting list tool to speed up the process of adding people to the Discord)
  • Twitter — 4,558 followers, +648 this week 🔥🔥🔥
  • Instagram — 223 followers, +67 this week
  • YouTube — 180 subscribers
  • Newsletter/Sign-ups — 2176 sign-ups, +250 this week

17 July 2021 — Welcome Founders!

Welcome Founders

Continuing to improve representation of underrepresented communities, women, BIPoC, LBGTQ+ in the NFT collectibles space, making sure the metaverse reflects the diversity represented by Larva Labs in their thoughtful design of Meebits and their traits.

Part 2 of the Dissect the Dissected Event

Start Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a Blue Ticket?

Q: Why am I being asked for my Twitter username & password?

Q: Do I need to own a Meebit to participate?


Experience Design at Netflix • Follow @kaigani

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