27-Bit Digital to Physical

Glass prints for early supporters (ends 31-March 2021)

The first glass print of 27-Digital from the test run.

Tokenization and linking the physical-to-digital has been an obsession of mine since 2015. Before NFTs, I was into NFCs (embedded chips) — working at MOO to launch physical products (printed electronics) linked to a digital platform.

Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with objects or tokens that you can touch and feel, but that also have a digital presence.

Naturally, for my own project, 27-Digital wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t explore the physical-to-digital (or digital-to-physical in this case) opportunities, so I created glass prints for people who tried out the test version of my project in beta.

This test helped me understand the economics and logistics of sending these out. At one point I considered sending everyone a glass print, but the cost of shipping made that prohibitive.

So I decided instead …

Everyone who signed up for an early Art Blocks alert for my project will be eligible to receive a glass print of one of the NFTs they minted at launch!

Who qualified?

I took a snapshot of the 80 people who had signed up at the time up to when the alert was sent out (15 minutes before launch).

UPDATE: I’m closing this promotion from 31-March 2021, after that point if you’d like a glass print, you will need to exchange Pixel Glass for them.

Here’s the full list:

Who can claim a glass print?

Anyone from the list above who minted during the launch can claim one of the NFTs which they minted — so if it has since been sold that doesn’t matter (although I’d prefer you made of print of one that you own), as long as you are the original creator.

How do I claim my print?

Use this easy-peasy typeform I set up: https://kaigani.typeform.com/to/c1NhQVWA

If you have any questions contact me on Discord: kai#1369

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